Its a bit of a surprise that Syesha Mercado is here at the final three. Every single week she was at the chopping block, and every week she miraculously wasn't sent home. However, I, like many, have been predicting a David vs. David (that's Cook vs. Archuleta) showdown. Its been "scripted" like that by the producers for quite some time.

Recently, the 17-year old David Archuleta's father was banned from backstage at American Idol. Judges have made little swipes in subtle ways at Archuleta's control-freak father, that he seems to be your typical stage dad. Finally, when Archuleta's father cost American Idol some money, they booted him from rehearsals. I have a feeling that David Cook will "win" simply because the producers and the record company don't want to have to deal with Archuleta's father.

My prediction: this week on American Idol, Syesha will finally get the boot (and have tons of publicity to show for it and free to have a /good/ contract with some other record company that will have noticed her, thanks to American Idol). In the finale, David Cook will "shockingly" be announced the winner and Archuleta will give his patented 'happy-for-everyone' nervous, twittery laughter.

After Stanley snaps at Michael during a meeting, Toby tries to convince him that Stanley needs to be dealt with. Dwight buys Andy's car. Pam's forced to wear old glasses instead of her contacts.

I wasn't too impressed especially with all the changed they are trying to make.

I just didn't think this was one of the best episodes, Ryan is trying to mess with and/or fire Jim, they were about to fire Stanley. I know there has to be some plot and some suspense to make the show good but everything just came at once. I think I have missed to many epsisodes because there are some things missing. I know he said something about going over Ryan's head. I did see some of last week when they were all together in New York. In my opinon they can get rid of the Ryan character and maybe even Angela I never cared for her character it's more annoying than funny in my opinon even though the actress does a really good job playing that character.

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I am hoping George Romero got a large sum of money for letting this movie get made. Its supposed to be a remake of Romero's Day of the Dead. However, it really has nothing to do with the original and is a direct-to-dvd movie. Usually, I won't even bother with direct-to-dvd movies...but this is a zombie movie and so I was compelled to, even if I knew it wasn't going to be any good.

The acting was absolutely atrocious, and the producers obviously thought if they got Ving Rhames to do a quick cameo it would give the money some credibility. It didn't. I'm sure Rhames was on the set 1 day and immediately said, "Okay, give me my money now". Even Mena Suvari (not really a respected actress, but has been in bigger, better films than this) was terribly directed and unconvincing.

The worst part of this "re-imagining", as the movie likes to purport itself, is that the zombie are not slow-moving. Now, I was all for the savage, somewhat quick and feral "zombies" of 28 Days Later and of the Dawn of the Dead remake. That being said...zombies should not be able to climb on ceilings like the Lycans from Underworld. They should not be able to perform acrobatic feats and practically fly. THESE ARE DEAD THINGS and shouldn't move this way. I've always held the belief that a corpse should move based on his rate of decomposition. For example, if there is no muscle tissue left at all (a skeleton), said zombie should not even be able to walk because there is no muscle to move the bones. Someone recently dead should move nearly as fast as they could an hour ago...but still but a bit sluggard and stiff due to the synapses not firing to the brain as fast.

In short, this movie was absolutely horrible and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Again, I hope Romero got some bucks out of this at least.

On the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, we find George O'Malley to be...popular. Huh. Who would've thunk that not passing his exam would actually turn out beneficial for him. Dr. Hawn still hates Christina and seems to give her no quarter, just based on "she reminds me on me". I really don't understand what's going on there. Meredith and McDreamy are working on clinical trials together, Addison comes back just to whine at Meredith for letting Derek "get away". Did anyone notice the Chief was barely in this episode at all? Really, the only interesting thing about this episode was that Alex Karev is a daddy...or, at least, that is what we are being led to believe. Seems like Rebecca wouldn't be too sure, since she is married and was also fooling around with Alex. My guess is that it will turn out that Alex will get attached to the idea of having a child...only to have Rebecca end up finding out it doesn't belong to Alex and crushing him a little.

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When Britney Spears first came on to the music scene, I didn't think much of her. I didn't really like her music, but I felt it harmless fun for 13 year olds. I listened to that kind of music in my adolescence, as so many girls did.

As time progressed, Britney became more and more of something that I despised, calling herself a role model, yet wearing thongs at her concerts and constantly showing off her little belly ring attached to sculpted torso. I thought, "It's one thing for a celebrity to dress like this, but its another to do it and then call yourself a 'role model' for children".

I was wickedly amused at her downward spiral at first--the quickie marriages, the truck-stop wardrobe. Just basically showing the world that she is of low class (and not because of how she was raised, where she was raised, or her finances). I delighted in brunette Britney becoming fat, seeing pictures of what she looks like BEFORE the air brushing.

Now, I'm still no fan of hers, but now instead of relishing in her decline, I feel sympathy. Shaving her head is just one more cry for help from her. I've often thought, "I could never handle the pressure of being a celebrity". It appears that Britney could not, either. The revolving door of rehab, the custody battle, the suicide attempts (excuse me, alleged suicide attempts)...

Britney is smiling in that pic of her (see below for the pics) with her shaving her head, but it seems phony. This woman needs some serious help or she is just going to be another 'crash and burn' in the music industry, as well as destroying herself as a person and a mother.

I'm still no fan of hers, but I honestly hate to see someone with all this potential throw it away, to be abandoned and alone with her inner turmoil...that everyone gets to morbidly watch as she falls from grace. I'd like to see her as a success story--to create deep and meaningful music, or just enjoy being a mom. I honestly want her to grow through her pain and become a better, stronger person because of it and really learn from her past mistakes.

The shaved head--Sure, she looks like a man right now, but it'll grow back, its just hair...but its a visual manifestation of her plummet. Britney needs to wake the hell up before she damages herself further, or starts damaging her precious children.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on it. I included a pic of Britney in her early career, before when she didn't have the platinum blonde hair and was actually a litle "innocent". Yeah, kind of weird, that song, now that she has come to this point in her life (you know, "I'm Not That Innocent"). Truer words couldn't be said about Britney.

This post was inspired by a Link & Blog Group Challenge! It was really fun to go a little outside the box with my blog and I had a really fun time writing this. Here are the pics for interested parties:

There's this great new site I've discovered. Well, actually someone invited me to take the McT, which is a test to see how "movie compatible" we are. So, I took it, and now I'm hooked on it. You can set up a profile, different lists of your favorite movies, see which of your friends wants to see which movies that you do...there's a lot of stuff you can do on there, including taking the Neverending Trivia Quiz. It's really fun. You rate movies, etc. Its all about movies. No television stuff though, other than in the forums, but want to check it out. The address is:

Oh, and my Flixster page is



If you didn't like the first two installments of Saw, you won't like this one. If you'll definitely enjoy it. While the first Saw was more psychological, the second a bit of a jigsaw puzzle...this third one is gore and grossness. Stomach-turning scenes that make you flinch. I am a fan of all three Saw movies, each for different reasons and rationale. I choose not to elaborate on Saw III, other than to give you this scenario:

I took my friend Katie with me to see it. Throughout the movie, she's half-whispering to me: "I'm seriously going to vomit." and "Oh my god, that's gross"...while, I happily watch and occasionally my jaw drops in wonder and awe. If you are like me and you delight in gore, you'll enjoy Saw III. If you are like my friend Katie, you'll want to refrain. And while you are at it, if you are like her, I would also mention that the Hellraiser movies are probably not for you either.

Happy viewing.

Crank: A Review

Chev is a professional hitman who has been fatally poisoned with a "Chinese cocktail". He has one hour to live before his heart stops. There is no cure or antidote. However, he quickly ascertains that by keeping his adrenaline pumping, he can stay alive. That is the extent of the plot, by and large.

The rest of the movie sounds cooler than it really is (and tries to be). There are small, ironic moments of humor from Jason Statham, who plays Chev, and the film is almost non-stop in action: Chev snorting coke, Chev knocking over a convenience store for Red Bull, Chev having sex with his girlfriend (Amy Smart) on the ground and against a mailbox in front of a crowd of hundreds in China Town, Chev evading the police and driving his car through a mall and up an escalator.

I know, I know...this all sounds great...but its sounds better than it really is. Crank lacked any real cleverness, despite its premise. It had the foundation to be a very entertaining movie, but it fails. At times, the movie tries to be funny, or sweet, or heart-pumping. The point is that Crank tries to do these things, but the script just doesn't let it. I would not call this movie bad...just a little disappointing.

The Descent

The Descent. Whether this had monsters in it or not, I would be pleased with this movie. It is suspenseful, creepy, and really makes you feel utterly uncomfortable down in the cave with these 7 girls. Add the freaky, shocking moments with good British actors (they are cute, too!) and a gripping fear for the women's survival--just excellent.

I hadn't heard much about this movie and scoffed a little at the previews of it. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the plot, the intenseness of the film, and the special effects and characters. It's not THE BEST movie I've ever seen, but I would definitely watch it again. It creeped me out even before the cave monsters arrived on the scene. Maybe I'm claustrophobic or just really overidentify with the characters. Who knows?

Definitely worth the rental fee. I demand that you watch it and see what I mean!

Clerks 2

If you liked the first Clerks, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one as well. If you didn't like the first, you can just bypass the second (duh!). The original cast (Dante, etc) are in it...yay. The witty reparte and banter is still there, with a few new twists. Dante actually has a hot fiance chick (the movie tries to convey this; I don't think she was all that pretty) and he'll be moving to Florida soon. What does this mean for his friendship with Randall? No, it's not that type of movie. :) Randall is, thankfully, true to form in his debauchery and wicked silver tongue. Jay and Silent Bob a side of Jay that is a bit disturbing.

Dante and Randall are in their thirties now. The Quik Stop burned down (thanks to my beloved Randall) and they've had to find employment elsewhere. You'll recognize the establishment from another Kevin Smith film. :) Moobies. Yes, Dante and Randall work in the fast food industry at thirty years of age. Aww.

I laughed my butt off watching this movie. It's just absolutely hilarious and is a good component of 'Clerks'. I mean that sincerely. And one cannot resist the draw of a Randall diatribe/debate on which trilogy is better: Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Oh, and Jason Lee makes an appearance as well.

The Break-Up

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Neither are in my favorite of actors. As someone in the process of a break-up (i.e. getting divorced), I was SO on Aniston's side in this movie. I kept yelling, "That's my EX!", as I am sure many women will do upon seeing this movie.

Vince Vaughn plays an inconsiderate jerk that you just want to hit. Not only is he lazy and not appreciate of his girlfriend, but he has this sense of entitlement that makes you want to scream. And when he calls her 'nagging'--ARGH. Through the roof.

Good movie, but kind of slow. It's not really a comedy, so don't buy that line of B.S. The best time to watch this movie would be after a break-up, because you can relate so well to the content at that time and any other time it might be tiring and boring.

I am quite sickened by this a good way, too. After being shot, Burke's hand is damaged and shakes at times. However, he is doing heart surgery on people anyway. Christina knows this. In fact, she encouraged him to pretend that he was still "The Great Preston Burke" despite his damaged hand. It is completely reckless to be operating on people and saving lives when you know damn well that the first rule is "Do no harm".

Christina has not told anyone about her boyfriend's malfunction, or the fact that she is helping him cover it up. She is helping him so much with surgeries that you for that she is actually Dr. Bailey's intern. Christina seems like she is using Burke as well as protecting him. She gets to do all these advanced surgery and is helping him more than a little. How could someone so smart be putting anyone Burke operates on into mortal jeopardy. Maybe she thinks she is so smart that no one will ever figure out that Burke is no longer physically capable of being a surgeon. Maybe she thinks that she is just as clever and talented surgically as Burke that it doesn't matter. Obviously, she has a guilty conscience, but she is doing nothing to right her wrong or AT LEAST stop putting lives in jeopardy.

At the news that Amy Sherman-Paladino was leaving Gilmore Girls, I felt that the show took a big hit. Paladino IS Gilmore Girls!

Maybe this is the direction Paladino had wanted the show to go anyway, as she assured views that she had taken her replacement under her wing and had laid out her grand plan to that person.

Now, I am a loyal viewer. I have watched since the series premiere. However, this season has had plenty of episodes (i.e. plenty of opportunities) to continue of the vein of fine writing, dialogue and comedy. It has fallen short of the mark, in my opinion.

Luke and Lorelai broke up and barely ever have a scene together anymore. They made Lane and Zach get pregnant with twins after one night of bad sex on their wedding night...and oh yeah, they got parasites there and spent the whole honeymoon barfing. Lorelai got back together with Chris and, oh yeah, they just got married WITHOUT RORY in Paris. Rory herself has become very boring and self-centered and her romance with trust fund baby Logan is fizzling out to this viewer. Luke, my favorite character, is left to having only scenes with April. While I love these scenes, it feels like Luke is on a completely different show than everyone else.

Where is the baudiness of Miss Patty? Where is the scratchy rasp of good-hearted Babette? Where is Taylor Doose out on another crusade (or tirade) of making Luke's eyeballs pop? Sure, there was that incident of the car through Luke's restaurant, but really, the prominent Town Selectman is barely seen anymore.

Where is gentle, remembers-where-she-came-from Rory? Her interactions with her best friend, or closest thing to it, are slim and don't carry the same quality they once did.

Every episode, I am hoping that the show will get back to WHY people liked Gilmore Girls. Lorelai and Rory are barely ever interacting or have storylines that INVOLVE each other. The show is called 'Gilmore Girls', but it seems like each Gilmore Girl has gone her own way and the feel of the show is very much divided.

Lorelai and Rory both seemed to have come a long way, personality wise, in good ways and in bad. I am finding Rory to be too uber-confident in her looks, her intelligent, her "breeding stock". Everything is TOO EASY for her now. I know she worked hard to get where she's at (though being in a prep school and attending Yale certainly paves the way for her) but everything is so elitist in Rory's world and she has become the type of "mean, judgmental person" that she criticizes.

Lorelai has become wishy-washy on everything. Her personality used to vibrate the screen. It seems like too many zippy pop-culture references. Yes, pop culture references have always been a part of the show, but it seems like Lorelai is spewing them out like word vomit instead of having a bit of real dialogue.

I can't quite put my finger on exactly WHY the show feels very different. Oh wait, yes I can: Paladino is gone and the spark is not there anymore.

Bring back the quaint town of Stars Hollow and all its eccentric, wacky inhabitants. Bring back the sweetness of Rory, the strong-willed Lorelai, and the gruff but lovable Luke! Ahem...pretty please?

I'd like to know out there in Internet land...who likes Callie? I am never quite sure where I stand on her. Sometimes she just seems morbid and weird, and other times she seems like a strong, sensible woman that every man should want. I love when she is talking about cars with George's brothers and seems so un-girly girl. The anti-Meredith. She's not weepy or whiny like Meredith. She's a tough as nails kind of girl. And yet at the same time her toughness can get to me. Why can't the gentleness of George pull her down a notch.

So, I pose the question: Do you like Callie, do you not like her? Do you like her with George? Do you like her newfound friendship with Addison Shepard?


A straight-to-dvd horror about a girl, Tamara, whose typically has a bad life. Her father is an alcoholic, everyone in school hates her due to an expose article, and she just looks frumpy. This, of course, is the old trick of "uglying up" a very pretty girl right before they make her "transform" into a jaw-dropping beauty.

Tamara is a witch. Tamara dies. Tamara comes back as sexy hottie bent on revenge against the students who accidentally killed her. Tamara slinks around in sexy dresses and purrs sensual, but threatening phrases and then exacts her revenge.

If you can handle some bad acting, cheesy writing, and predictable plot, then watch Tamara. Yes, you know going in what to expect as a sub-par, direct-to-dvd movie. I wouldn't recommend paying money to rent it, but hey, if it's on tv and you can't find anything better to watch--be my guest.

John Tucker Must Die is a fun romp through the land of teenage revenge. The main character, Kate, looks like the missing triplet of the Olsens. Due to her mother's (Jenny McCarthy) habit of packing up and moving to a new town every time she gets dumped, Kate is again the new girl in school. She's practically invisible, though that's SO HARD to believe because of her beauty.

Soon, she becomes entrenched in the lives of 3 very different girls with one thing in common: John Tucker. All have been hoodwinked by him, as he has been dating all three at the same time. Kate becomes their guinea pig of revenge on him.

Now that you know the basic premise, give it a watch. Guys may not like this movie too much because their is an underlying theme of 'girl empowerment', but it is not short on comedy. It's just a light, entertaining watch with a satisfying ending.

I find that a horror tale woven into the tapestry of the 19th century has a better effect on me that a modern day one. Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek are the parents of Betsy, who becomes plagued by a violent spirit in their farm home. John (Sutherland) had made profit off of a witch's lands: Kate Batts. The court ruled in her favor, but John's punishment was light and Kate Batts cursed him and "his precious daughter"...and then the creepiness comes.

I admit that many moments are cheap scares where they amp up the music suddenly, and you are more startled by the suddenly loud music. However, there are true moments of fear.

We follow Betsy as the attacks on her become more and more violent. You feel the helplessness of her mother, father, and teacher, Richard. I cannot tell you more. Overall, the movie is not terribly clever, but it is worth the watch.


If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you'll love this movie. Ryan Reynolds stars as an edgy, but funny jerk amidst a great ensemble cast, including Anna Faris. This movie is less gag jokes and more like things you would hear in a restaurant. Seriously, you won't be regretting watching this movie. Just watch it.

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High Tension

High Tension has a deserving title, as there are plenty of nervous, anxiety filled moments in the film that make you want to bite your nails in anticipation. Dubbed into English, this movie is about two friends who go home to study. One friend, a lesbian, is in love with her friend. They go to the family's remote house. Soon after they go to bed, a psycho-killer arrives at the door.

Just trust me: keep watching. Even though the psycho seems psychic at times and more intelligent than he should be, even though there are many familiar moments that are seem predictable--just watch all the way to the end.

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