The Break-Up

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Neither are in my favorite of actors. As someone in the process of a break-up (i.e. getting divorced), I was SO on Aniston's side in this movie. I kept yelling, "That's my EX!", as I am sure many women will do upon seeing this movie.

Vince Vaughn plays an inconsiderate jerk that you just want to hit. Not only is he lazy and not appreciate of his girlfriend, but he has this sense of entitlement that makes you want to scream. And when he calls her 'nagging'--ARGH. Through the roof.

Good movie, but kind of slow. It's not really a comedy, so don't buy that line of B.S. The best time to watch this movie would be after a break-up, because you can relate so well to the content at that time and any other time it might be tiring and boring.


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