Day of the Dead (2008)

I am hoping George Romero got a large sum of money for letting this movie get made. Its supposed to be a remake of Romero's Day of the Dead. However, it really has nothing to do with the original and is a direct-to-dvd movie. Usually, I won't even bother with direct-to-dvd movies...but this is a zombie movie and so I was compelled to, even if I knew it wasn't going to be any good.

The acting was absolutely atrocious, and the producers obviously thought if they got Ving Rhames to do a quick cameo it would give the money some credibility. It didn't. I'm sure Rhames was on the set 1 day and immediately said, "Okay, give me my money now". Even Mena Suvari (not really a respected actress, but has been in bigger, better films than this) was terribly directed and unconvincing.

The worst part of this "re-imagining", as the movie likes to purport itself, is that the zombie are not slow-moving. Now, I was all for the savage, somewhat quick and feral "zombies" of 28 Days Later and of the Dawn of the Dead remake. That being said...zombies should not be able to climb on ceilings like the Lycans from Underworld. They should not be able to perform acrobatic feats and practically fly. THESE ARE DEAD THINGS and shouldn't move this way. I've always held the belief that a corpse should move based on his rate of decomposition. For example, if there is no muscle tissue left at all (a skeleton), said zombie should not even be able to walk because there is no muscle to move the bones. Someone recently dead should move nearly as fast as they could an hour ago...but still but a bit sluggard and stiff due to the synapses not firing to the brain as fast.

In short, this movie was absolutely horrible and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Again, I hope Romero got some bucks out of this at least.


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