An American Haunting

I find that a horror tale woven into the tapestry of the 19th century has a better effect on me that a modern day one. Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek are the parents of Betsy, who becomes plagued by a violent spirit in their farm home. John (Sutherland) had made profit off of a witch's lands: Kate Batts. The court ruled in her favor, but John's punishment was light and Kate Batts cursed him and "his precious daughter"...and then the creepiness comes.

I admit that many moments are cheap scares where they amp up the music suddenly, and you are more startled by the suddenly loud music. However, there are true moments of fear.

We follow Betsy as the attacks on her become more and more violent. You feel the helplessness of her mother, father, and teacher, Richard. I cannot tell you more. Overall, the movie is not terribly clever, but it is worth the watch.


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