If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you'll love this movie. Ryan Reynolds stars as an edgy, but funny jerk amidst a great ensemble cast, including Anna Faris. This movie is less gag jokes and more like things you would hear in a restaurant. Seriously, you won't be regretting watching this movie. Just watch it.

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High Tension

High Tension has a deserving title, as there are plenty of nervous, anxiety filled moments in the film that make you want to bite your nails in anticipation. Dubbed into English, this movie is about two friends who go home to study. One friend, a lesbian, is in love with her friend. They go to the family's remote house. Soon after they go to bed, a psycho-killer arrives at the door.

Just trust me: keep watching. Even though the psycho seems psychic at times and more intelligent than he should be, even though there are many familiar moments that are seem predictable--just watch all the way to the end.

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