I am quite sickened by this storyline...in a good way, too. After being shot, Burke's hand is damaged and shakes at times. However, he is doing heart surgery on people anyway. Christina knows this. In fact, she encouraged him to pretend that he was still "The Great Preston Burke" despite his damaged hand. It is completely reckless to be operating on people and saving lives when you know damn well that the first rule is "Do no harm".

Christina has not told anyone about her boyfriend's malfunction, or the fact that she is helping him cover it up. She is helping him so much with surgeries that you for that she is actually Dr. Bailey's intern. Christina seems like she is using Burke as well as protecting him. She gets to do all these advanced surgery and is helping him more than a little. How could someone so smart be putting anyone Burke operates on into mortal jeopardy. Maybe she thinks she is so smart that no one will ever figure out that Burke is no longer physically capable of being a surgeon. Maybe she thinks that she is just as clever and talented surgically as Burke that it doesn't matter. Obviously, she has a guilty conscience, but she is doing nothing to right her wrong or AT LEAST stop putting lives in jeopardy.


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