When Britney Spears first came on to the music scene, I didn't think much of her. I didn't really like her music, but I felt it harmless fun for 13 year olds. I listened to that kind of music in my adolescence, as so many girls did.

As time progressed, Britney became more and more of something that I despised, calling herself a role model, yet wearing thongs at her concerts and constantly showing off her little belly ring attached to sculpted torso. I thought, "It's one thing for a celebrity to dress like this, but its another to do it and then call yourself a 'role model' for children".

I was wickedly amused at her downward spiral at first--the quickie marriages, the truck-stop wardrobe. Just basically showing the world that she is of low class (and not because of how she was raised, where she was raised, or her finances). I delighted in brunette Britney becoming fat, seeing pictures of what she looks like BEFORE the air brushing.

Now, I'm still no fan of hers, but now instead of relishing in her decline, I feel sympathy. Shaving her head is just one more cry for help from her. I've often thought, "I could never handle the pressure of being a celebrity". It appears that Britney could not, either. The revolving door of rehab, the custody battle, the suicide attempts (excuse me, alleged suicide attempts)...

Britney is smiling in that pic of her (see below for the pics) with her shaving her head, but it seems phony. This woman needs some serious help or she is just going to be another 'crash and burn' in the music industry, as well as destroying herself as a person and a mother.

I'm still no fan of hers, but I honestly hate to see someone with all this potential throw it away, to be abandoned and alone with her inner turmoil...that everyone gets to morbidly watch as she falls from grace. I'd like to see her as a success story--to create deep and meaningful music, or just enjoy being a mom. I honestly want her to grow through her pain and become a better, stronger person because of it and really learn from her past mistakes.

The shaved head--Sure, she looks like a man right now, but it'll grow back, its just hair...but its a visual manifestation of her plummet. Britney needs to wake the hell up before she damages herself further, or starts damaging her precious children.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on it. I included a pic of Britney in her early career, before when she didn't have the platinum blonde hair and was actually a litle "innocent". Yeah, kind of weird, that song, now that she has come to this point in her life (you know, "I'm Not That Innocent"). Truer words couldn't be said about Britney.

This post was inspired by a Link & Blog Group Challenge! It was really fun to go a little outside the box with my blog and I had a really fun time writing this. Here are the pics for interested parties:

There's this great new site I've discovered. Well, actually someone invited me to take the McT, which is a test to see how "movie compatible" we are. So, I took it, and now I'm hooked on it. You can set up a profile, different lists of your favorite movies, see which of your friends wants to see which movies that you do...there's a lot of stuff you can do on there, including taking the Neverending Trivia Quiz. It's really fun. You rate movies, etc. Its all about movies. No television stuff though, other than in the forums, but yeah...you want to check it out. The address is:


Oh, and my Flixster page is www.flixster.com/anthaa



If you didn't like the first two installments of Saw, you won't like this one. If you did...you'll definitely enjoy it. While the first Saw was more psychological, the second a bit of a jigsaw puzzle...this third one is gore and grossness. Stomach-turning scenes that make you flinch. I am a fan of all three Saw movies, each for different reasons and rationale. I choose not to elaborate on Saw III, other than to give you this scenario:

I took my friend Katie with me to see it. Throughout the movie, she's half-whispering to me: "I'm seriously going to vomit." and "Oh my god, that's gross"...while, I happily watch and occasionally my jaw drops in wonder and awe. If you are like me and you delight in gore, you'll enjoy Saw III. If you are like my friend Katie, you'll want to refrain. And while you are at it, if you are like her, I would also mention that the Hellraiser movies are probably not for you either.

Happy viewing.

Crank: A Review

Chev is a professional hitman who has been fatally poisoned with a "Chinese cocktail". He has one hour to live before his heart stops. There is no cure or antidote. However, he quickly ascertains that by keeping his adrenaline pumping, he can stay alive. That is the extent of the plot, by and large.

The rest of the movie sounds cooler than it really is (and tries to be). There are small, ironic moments of humor from Jason Statham, who plays Chev, and the film is almost non-stop in action: Chev snorting coke, Chev knocking over a convenience store for Red Bull, Chev having sex with his girlfriend (Amy Smart) on the ground and against a mailbox in front of a crowd of hundreds in China Town, Chev evading the police and driving his car through a mall and up an escalator.

I know, I know...this all sounds great...but its sounds better than it really is. Crank lacked any real cleverness, despite its premise. It had the foundation to be a very entertaining movie, but it fails. At times, the movie tries to be funny, or sweet, or heart-pumping. The point is that Crank tries to do these things, but the script just doesn't let it. I would not call this movie bad...just a little disappointing.

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