If you didn't like the first two installments of Saw, you won't like this one. If you'll definitely enjoy it. While the first Saw was more psychological, the second a bit of a jigsaw puzzle...this third one is gore and grossness. Stomach-turning scenes that make you flinch. I am a fan of all three Saw movies, each for different reasons and rationale. I choose not to elaborate on Saw III, other than to give you this scenario:

I took my friend Katie with me to see it. Throughout the movie, she's half-whispering to me: "I'm seriously going to vomit." and "Oh my god, that's gross"...while, I happily watch and occasionally my jaw drops in wonder and awe. If you are like me and you delight in gore, you'll enjoy Saw III. If you are like my friend Katie, you'll want to refrain. And while you are at it, if you are like her, I would also mention that the Hellraiser movies are probably not for you either.

Happy viewing.


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