A straight-to-dvd horror about a girl, Tamara, whose typically has a bad life. Her father is an alcoholic, everyone in school hates her due to an expose article, and she just looks frumpy. This, of course, is the old trick of "uglying up" a very pretty girl right before they make her "transform" into a jaw-dropping beauty.

Tamara is a witch. Tamara dies. Tamara comes back as sexy hottie bent on revenge against the students who accidentally killed her. Tamara slinks around in sexy dresses and purrs sensual, but threatening phrases and then exacts her revenge.

If you can handle some bad acting, cheesy writing, and predictable plot, then watch Tamara. Yes, you know going in what to expect as a sub-par, direct-to-dvd movie. I wouldn't recommend paying money to rent it, but hey, if it's on tv and you can't find anything better to watch--be my guest.


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