John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker Must Die is a fun romp through the land of teenage revenge. The main character, Kate, looks like the missing triplet of the Olsens. Due to her mother's (Jenny McCarthy) habit of packing up and moving to a new town every time she gets dumped, Kate is again the new girl in school. She's practically invisible, though that's SO HARD to believe because of her beauty.

Soon, she becomes entrenched in the lives of 3 very different girls with one thing in common: John Tucker. All have been hoodwinked by him, as he has been dating all three at the same time. Kate becomes their guinea pig of revenge on him.

Now that you know the basic premise, give it a watch. Guys may not like this movie too much because their is an underlying theme of 'girl empowerment', but it is not short on comedy. It's just a light, entertaining watch with a satisfying ending.


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