Don't forget that it's Wednesday. Tonight at 9 & 10PM, Nightmares & Dreamscapes is on TNT. The first hour is Autopsy Room Four and the second hour is You Know They Got a Hell of a Band, featuring Steven Weber, who has been in many of Stephen King's films, such as the recent NBC movie, Desperation. Steven Weber was also in the updated version of The Shining.

If you've read the short stories, or even if you haven't, check out Nightmares & Dreamscapes tonight at 9PM.

Autopsy Room Four
Starring Richard Thomas, Greta Scacchi
Teleplay by April Smith, based on the short story by Stephen King, directed by Mikael Salomon
Businessman Howard Cottrell (Thomas) is on vacation playing one of his many games of golf. Chasing the ball into the undergrowth, he is bitten by a snake and completely paralyzed, showing no signs of life. At the hospital, unable to communicate, he is the key witness to his own autopsy.

You Know They Got a Hell of a Band
Starring Kim Delaney, Steven Weber
Teleplay by Mike Robe, based on the short story by Stephen King, directed by Mike Robe
A wrong turn on a lonely road turns frightening for Clark and Mary Willingham (Weber and Delaney) as they stumble upon a town not on any map - Rock and Roll Heaven, Oregon. There is a free concert every night, but the price of admission is high - once the audience enters, it can never leave.

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