Saw 2

I had avoided watching this movie because so many people said it was ridiculous and stupid, and, to be honest, I didn't see how they could improve upon the psychological suspense that was that first. Both me and my husband were stunned once we watched it. We were on vacation and my sister had a bunch of dvd's she left up there where we were staying. We hadn't seen it and didn't expect much of it. We were blinking hard as the credits rolled. That was GREAT! We couldn't believe how clever and imaginative the storyline was. It was pleasantly gory and suspenseful. Everything was so complex, yet so simple.

The movie felt dual-layered, or even multi-layered. We finally get to meet 'Jigsaw', and despite being a weakened cancer patient, he is imposing and interesting. His character is now 3-dimensional and you find yourself hanging on his words. Not only is John (aka Jigsaw) in the movie, but a whole bunch of characters command the screen, as opposed to the first, where it was just two men locked in a room together. This isn't a slasher flick like Nightmare on Elmstreet. Not really. The story introduces several characters to us, locked in a house in which nerve gas has been released. They have been breathing it in and have about 2 hours before their nervous systems shut down and they ooze blood from every orifice. Here's the thing: Jigsaw has thrown his 'adversary's' (a detective) son into the mix. There is a connection between those locked in the house (I'm not going to say what) and in order to live, they need to find antidotes hidden around the house. I don't feel I should tell you any more, but I will say that I liked it and if you liked the first Saw, you'll probably enjoy this one too.

And on to...The Hills Have Eyes

My review on this is going to be short and to the point: gory, heart-pounding, creepy, all around great movie....EXCEPT I was very disturbed, and not in a good way, at a particular scene. At one point, a gun is pointed on a baby. Maybe this wouldn't have disturbed me so deeply had I not recently had a very bad nightmare of someone blowing my daughter's head off or if the baby wasn't my daughter's age, or old enough not to be completely vulnerable. So many times through this movie, the sound of the baby crying just DISTURBED me. If I had been told of this scene, I would NOT have watched it. No, they did not harm the baby, but just the idea and the imagery of pointing a Magnum at a little babies head is too much for me to handle. Other than that, great movie. But, Mr. Wes Craven, here's the rule (for me at least): I don't care if it's fictional. NEVER, and I mean, NEVER, put a baby's life in jeopardy like that. OR, just don't put an innocent, vulnerable baby in a horror movie. I'm not typically weak-hearted or squimish. I was raised on horror movies. I've seen the worst of the worst--but don't do this to me, please! Thank you.

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