If you haven't been watching this show, you need to. Originally, it was going to be on The WB in 2003-2004 season, but it didn't get picked up. Instead, it is on the Sci Fi channel. The premise? 10 people compete against each other in order to win immortality in a Stan Lee comic book based on their character. There are various tests for elimination, such as seeing how long someone will tussle with two trained attack dogs or if they would notice a child crying for help during their mission. This show is ridiculous, funny, and wickedly entertaining. Who would have thought that gathering a bunch of adults, having them dress up in spandex and skimpy costumes and pretend to be superheroes would work?! But it does.

There are only 6 episodes, unfortunately. Sci Fi is most likely to rerun them marathon-style once they've premiered. This week (Thursday at 9pm) will be the 5th episode. For such a silly little show, it really pulls you in. Watching Lemuria try to sit on the lap of a hardened felon for ten seconds is scary and hilarious. Watching 'Fat Momma' try to distract the attack dogs by throwing them donuts and Major Victory (a former male stripper) jokingly scolded by Stan Lee for always taking off his cape just brings a smile to ones face.

Stan Lee plays a major part in the show as the host. You never see him in person, per se. It's pretty obvious that the show has big television advertisers and Stan Lee always appears on these television sets, rather than talking to the competitors face-to-face. I don't always agree with Stan's choices (he eliminated someone during a hidden camera moment saying she was an actress). In this show, the contestants are aware that they are being judged AT ALL TIMES. However, I don't feel that some of their actions warranted being told "turn in your costume". I'm not going to mention who's been eliminated thus far, in case you haven't watched it.

Sorry I'm so late in the game posting about Who Wants to Be A Superhero, but if you did miss it, I guarantee there will be a marathon shortly after it wraps up and you'll be able to catch the whole thing from the beginning.

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