They designed her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon … then she escaped. In a future not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past. She cannot run, she must fight … to discover her destiny. Max (Jessica Alba) is a genetically enhanced human prototype known as an "X5," or "transgenic."

Following her escape from a top-secret military program known as Manticore, she is hunted by her former handler,the ruthless Colonel Donald Michael Lydecker (John Savage), through the edgy, underground counterculture of 21st-century Seattle. Living in hiding and ever fearful of being recaptured, Max pursues a lonely and perilous mission to reunite with her transgenic "siblings," who scattered following their joint escape from Manticore.

Max is aided in her quest by Logan Cale (Michael Weatherly), an idealistic cyber-journalist battling repression and corruption in the ruins of a world in decline.--taken from Sci's website

Recently, as in yesterday, there was a marathon of Dark Angel on Sci Fi. I DVR'd (or Tivo'd, if you will) it and watched it today and within the first 5 minutes was hooked. I started at the episode Meow and watch 3 more episodes afterward. I was simply just enjoying this show from start to finish. I was dismayed to find that although the show is on DVD, there are only 2 seasons. I had not watched Dark Angel in it's original run, what with watching Buffy, Angel, and so many others already. My mom loved this show, but I didn't have time for it at the time it was on. Just--wow. So sad that it's cancelled. This show is awesome and so well-written and looks good on your screen. It's on Mondays at 7 on the Sci Fi Channel, so check it out. You'll thank me for it. Jessica Alba is so hot, too! :) Just had to say that.

For more on Dark Angel, check out this post. I love this site and continually go there. It's all about what would have happened on canceled tv shows, such as Everwood, Buffy, Angel, etc. This particular post is about Dark Angel returning via Sci Fi channel.

Read this post to find about more about Dead Like Me finding new life on the Sci Fi channel. I was a HUGE fan of this show (especially Mandy Patinkin as Rube) and I'm so glad Sci Fi picked it up. Originally it was on Showtime and had a few swears in it, but don't expect to hear the 'f' word on Sci Fi.

Sci Fi Channel also has some new movies coming up that look good: Starting Saturday, Aug. 26, at 5/4C is Dark Kingdom, starring Benno Fürmann (The Sin Eater), Kristanna Løken (Terminator 3), Alicia Witt (David Lynch's Dune, TV's Cybill) and cinema legend Max von Sydow star in this epic, two-part fantasy miniseries. Description: In an age when gods walked among men, one hero was all that stood between a kingdom and a curse.

Dragon Sword: An English knight (James Purefoy, Resident Evil, HBO's Rome) returning from the Crusades encounters villainy and adventure and earns a reputation as a heroic dragonslayer. Patrick Swayze (Ghost), Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile, Sin City) and Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) co-star. WORLD PREMIERE: Saturday, Aug. 26, at 9/8C.

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