Please check out my articles on Associated Content. My profile and articles. Thanks so much. I have a review of X-Men 3. They turned down Bloodrayne and my article on the CW network, said no one would be interesting in the WB and UPN merging. Whatever. I also got a comment that said people need to be visiting my content more, so please do so. Really, the articles aren't that bad! :)

There are many effective, low-cost ideas to cut your cleaning time and what you spend on cleaning products in half. Place a plastic bowl filled with water in your microwave and set it for five minutes. The steam will do most of the work for you. Add a little degreaser to your mop bucket. It will pull stains off your kitchen floor better than going over the same spot twenty times. Use a sheet of Bounce to collect cat hair. Rubbing an area with a sheet of Bounce will magnetically attract all the loose hairs.


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