For those who want to see what Dave Chappelle was working on prior to his departure of the show, Comedy Central is now airing the "lost episodes" Sundays at 9PM. The overall feel of the show is different, especially since Donnell Rawlings and Charlie Murphy are now the hosts. In fact, it's not all that funny. The sketches that Dave did for season three feel like a watered down version of previous material. In seasons one and two, I would laugh until my sides hurt. There are only a few chuckles illicited from me during any given episode. This is not the "pure Dave Chappelle" that we were used to. I feel guilty even watching the show, considering Comedy Central is exploiting everything they can for every last dollar.

If you want to know more about why Dave left the show, read Dave Chappelle Speaks: 'I'm Not Crazy; I'm Not Smoking Crack'.

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I don't really care for him.

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