Review: War of the Worlds

Absolutely amazing. I hesitated to watch this movie, but finally gave in. I was surprised to find myself so completely drawn into the story. The special effects, the storyline, everything. There is not a lot of "down time" in this movie. Unlike similar films, this one doesn't give you time to sigh a breath of relief. It's one eye-opener after another. I don't know how they were able to make the original film because there is so much about this story that necessitates having great special effects. Truly, without them, this movie would be very disappointing. Dakota Fanning was great. Although her character's screeching was horrible to hear, it was very realistic of the situation they are in. In fact, I found that the reactions of all the characters felt genuine. After the basic premise and the effects, you have a story of human nature. What is so disturbing is how accurate the portrayal of mankind is. Mostly, I want to impart to you that this movie just DOESN'T STOP. Finally, it leaves you with an acceptable ending. I can say no more. Watch this movie.

Since watching this movie, I really have the urge to read other fiction by H.G. Wells. H.P. Lovecraft also has crazy fiction. If you have seen and/or read Dagon (or his other stuff), you will know what I mean.

I have realized that my reviews have all been good. Well, I've seen a lot of good movies lately, oddly enough. However, I never reviewed Cursed. I'm not going to go in-depth about it--I don't want to relive it. This movie is a steaming pile of dogshit. Wes Craven's movies are never funny, nor scary. When I see his name attached, I don't watch it. If I am forced to watch it (or I didn't realize my imminent boredom until I saw his name in the beginning credits), I heave a black sigh. This was such an absolutely horrible movie and I can't believe millions were spent making this. Shitty effects, lame storyline. How about I just finish off with an example: The werewolf actually calls the main character a bitch (in a guttural werewolf voice) and gets pissed off when the main character insults them. It's just ridiculous crap that never should have been greenlit.



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