Review: Undead

If you are looking for an Australian horror film about zombies mixed in with a little comedy, this is a movie for you. Each turn of the story becomes more and more strange. There is a fisherman with a seemingly endless supply of guns and ammo. In one point in the story, two guns actually pop out of somewhere in his backside. The guns popping out dramatically are part of the charm of the fisherman named Marion.

Then you've got the "Catch of the Day" beauty queen, who actually looks like a crack addict. She's the only 'straight' character in the movie, as opposed to everyone has who are 'second bananas'. She is the least goofy character, though she is quite stupid.

It's not chock full of comedy, but there are many moments that bring a smirk, such as Marion proclaiming: "They attacked me with their zombie fish!" That line is actually in the movie and no one thinks its weird.

In another scene, the characters have removed their clothes because they got acid rain on them and they are walking around the town in their underwear, save for Marion, who is buck ass naked.

As for the weirdness...there are so many weird turns, so many goofball parts. The characters talk with an Australian accent and slang (but not too heavily) and say words like "Oi!" That in itself is funny. Oh, and the best part--Marion has this gun that is actually three shotguns lined up together and he pulled one trigger and they shoot simutaneously. Very awesome guns in this movie.

Anyway, if you're in the movie for a strange movie like this, rent Undead.



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