A Lament For Canceled Shows

A moment of silence please.

The following are much beloved shows that died at the hands of merciless suits who didn't care about the fan base behind it....

Roswell--It had a great cast, original story and compelling drama/sci-fi. You never knew what would come out of Roswell next. The stories were very enthralling and drew you in. I also liked this show because it reminded my of high school, or rather, how I wished high school was.

Angel--The saddest one in my mind. Angel was dark, gothic, funny, and engaging. Every year was trumped by the next. Joss Whedon could surprise you with his comedy or break your heart with tragedy. It was a complex saga of a vampire champion, trying to redeem his soul. First, they killed off Doyle at episode 9, then they canceled the show after 5 seasons. The show did not have enough time to properly tie off loose ends and therefore, many people were displeased with the finale. I thought it was okay, considering their time constraint. Before they got the news, you could tell the show was really winding up for a big storyline involving Illyria (who I named my daughter after). Alas. There were so many more stories that could have been told on Angel.

Young Americans--If you are saying 'huh' that is because it was axed quickly. The WB ran it during the summer, and therefore, it got low ratings. This show was charming and sweet and had a lot of potential. I still have some of the episodes on tape, but it's a shame that this show didn't continue and left us with a semi-cliffhanger that will never be answered.

Grosse Point--very cute comedy about actors on a tv show similar to '90210'. They were all backstabbing and mean, except for 2 characters. It was funny. I'm not losing sleep over this one, but why can't the WB give anything half a chance? They let 7th Heaven and Felicity run FOREVER, but any decent show gets knocked off in a heartbeat.

Popular--shut up. It was a guilty pleasure and it was cute and funny.

Tarzan--I did not watch this when it originally aired, but seeing it now, I wish I had. At the same time, maybe it's better that I didn't get excited about another WB show that would get canceled faster than you can say 'canceled'.

Kingdom Hospital--A bit slow, but that's how Stephen King is and before you know it, you are completely enthralled with the story and MUST have more. Truly, you must watch a few episodes to get into it, but it's worth it.

Tru Calling--I would have listed this higher up, but I am not ranking these in order of calibur. Yet another series laid to rest in the graveyard of canceled shows before it's time. Despite Jason Presley, this was a phenomenal show that only got 1 1/2 seasons and also left us with a COMPLETE cliffhanger never to be answered. Tru's father used to have Jason Presley job and he knows that Tru's days rewind, etc., etc. And Harrison. I loved that character/actor so much. He was the coolest loser on tv.

Dark Shadows: The Revival Series--A sweeping drama set in both the present and the past. It had witches, vampires, and time travel. The characters were all great and the story just kept you begging for more. The WB (damn them) was supposed to have a new Dark Shadows series following this one, but unfortunately, it was canceled before it even aired the first episode.

Quantum Leap--I know it was sort of formulaic, but the premise was so interesting and it really delved deeper when they introduced another Leaper. I loved Al.

And the most recent: Arrested Development. It has been announced the FOX has canceled it despite a growing fan base and critical acclaim. A hilarious show with surprising humor that you can't help but laugh out loud.

My lament is over, mostly because I cannot think of any others at the moment. Now, you may go back to enjoy your currently-on-the-schedule programs and try not to get misty thinking about the graveyard of lost shows.



Quantum Leap was one of my favorite shows. I really enjoyed watching him change so completely from one personality to another. Some great acting in that series.

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